About Investing 501


  • Provide value oriented investors with top quality investment ideas and research
  • Educate investors about the process of using Internet resources to select common stocks
  • Demonstrate the day-to-day management of an actual value portfolio

INVESTING 501 will provide a real-time example, using information available on the Internet, of the complete process used to select and manage a portfolio of value stocks.

Value investing strategy is relatively easy to understand but remains extremely difficult to put into practice.  Countless articles and books recount the success stories of legendary value investors, yet there is very little information about:

  1. Exactly where the initial investment idea came from
  2. How the nascent idea was evaluated and compared to other ideas
  3. What valuation methods were used to evaluate the ideas
  4. How the final decisions were made about which stocks were selected for the portfolio
  5. How the portfolio was managed given constant price fluctuations and new information

INVESTING 501 will “lift the curtain” and show each step that goes into the process of forming a value portfolio.

INVESTING 501 will use only publicly available information found on the Internet to build and manage a real money value portfolio. During the last 10 years the amount of information available to investors has increased at a staggering rate. It is possible for investors to be completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information.

Please join us on the first steps of a long journey.  Let us show you how to TURN INFORMATION INTO KNOWLEDGE.

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