For New Investment Ideas

Below is a  list of the blogs and website we use to find new investment ideas.

  1. Shadow Stock – The February 6th post on Zoltek is exactly the type of idea that we are most interested in getting from the blogosphere.
  2. Cheap Stocks – A good source of information of stocks selling near Net Asset Value.
  3. Gannon and Hoang on Investing – Lots of interesting ideas of all sizes.
  4. Oddball stocks – Some interesting ideas here, but many may be too small for some investors. Brings interesting subject matter to the debate of: how small cap is too small cap.
  5. Above Average Odds – One of the few value bloggers with a model portfolio.
  6. Kelpie Capital – A fantastic blog, but the author now has a real job so his posts are infrequent.  His Aircastle report is exactly the type of research we would like to find more of on the internet.  We would be greatly indebted if readers could point us to more sites like this one.
  7. Barel Karsan – there are a few interesting ideas under his stock ideas tab.
  8. Whopper Investments – Eccelctic, thoughtful analysis on a variety of stocks and investment themes.
  9. Motiwala Capital – Small cap value focused investor in our own backyard.
  10. Citron Research– detailed analysis of potential frauds.  As close to “forensic accounting” in the public relm as you will find.
  11. Prescience Point Research Group– Another “forensic accounting” style research firm.

Insightful Value Investing Commentary

Below is a ranked list of the top blogs and websites that that provide insightful commentary and resources to the value investor.

  1. Reformed Broker – A common theme throughout our website is our dislike and distrust of Wall Street.  The posts here give unusually good insight into why investors are much better off not listening to Wall Street.
  2. Graham and Doddsville – A fantastic compendium of numerous sites of interest to value investors. A great starting point to find value investing information.
  3. Abnormal Returns – Tadas has literally written the book about how to invest using the blogosphere. Not all about value investing, but there is plenty of wisdom here.
  4. Greg Speicher – Greg’s free e-book of 115 Profitable Investment Ideas is extremely well done.  We may not agree with them all, but many of his “nuggets” are solid principles of value investing.
  5. Psy-Fi Blog– We especially like his “liberal Arts Reading List.”
  6. Value Walk – This is more of breaking news blog.  Lots of useful links.
  7. Rational Walk– A good aggregator of information from many places.  Even some interesting ideas at times.
  8. Beyond Proxy– Part of the Manual of Ideas empire.
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