Book Review: The Tao Jones Averages – A Guide To Whole-Brained Investing by Bennett Goodspeed

This book is available for $4 on Amazon.  It is by far the best purchase a value investor will ever make. If your background is accounting, statistics, science, mathematics, or any other “hard” discipline I beg and plead with you to read this book. Below we also have a good summary of Goodspeed’s ideas in a review of the article ” TheWorld’s Smartest Man Syndrome”. The article used to be in the CFA curriculum, but it was replaced by an article on underwater Zambian currency swaps.

If you have ever built a financial model more than 50 lines long, I beg and plead with you to read this book.  If you background is philosophy, literature, or the fine arts you should read the book to reinforce what you might already understand.

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